FAQs that a Logistics Company has to Answer

A logistics agency is only as good as its weakest link. To ensure that you get quality service for your time and money, we compiled a series of frequently asked questions that you ought to ask the management of a logistics company. 

Here they are: 

Q.1 Which region do you specialize in, and what is your delivery service rate on a real-time basis?

We operate on a global level and mainly specialize in your particular area. You won’t be disappointed with our delivery service since it is punctual.

Q.2 What exactly are your fees and do you offer a discount or not?

Our fees are nominal, and we offer a discount depending upon your cargo’s size and weight.

Q.3 What surety do I have that the products you will deliver are in safe hands?

You can trust us with your eyes closed since we take extra good care of your stuff. You will not have any need for complaint.

Q.4 What sort of fancy technological devices do you employ in your day to day affairs?

We use software and other computerized management systems to get your goods delivered to your place in the nick of time.

Q.5 Do the goods you deliver ever undergo delays, or do they arrive on time?

The goods rarely undergo any procrastination in delivery. Most of the time, they are delivered on time.

Q.6 What is the percentage of your freight fees when compared with your sales drive?

They are 9% to 14%, but seriously, you can leave all the complicated work up to us and sit back and relax as your goods reach their destination on time.

Q.7 How do you optimize and consolidate your company’s reputation?

We review our workforce time after time and make sure that every employee is in fighting fit condition.

Q.8 Are most of your clientele from the same bracket or class to which I belong? 

No, not necessarily. We cater to a wide range of businesses and classes.

Q.9 What limitations if any, do you admit to openly?

Well, short of not being able to avert any natural disasters such as a typhoon or a tsunami, we seamlessly do our stuff.

Q.10 Where are your warehouses located?

In a safe place where your goods won’t undergo any damage. That is a surety you can count on.

Q.11 What is your integration policy?

We integrate people from all backgrounds and interests over time. We are a truly fair and just agency that does not practice any sexism, racism, classism or ageism.

Q.12 What is your price scale?

It can go from very low for fewer goods to very high for a large number of goods.

Q.13 How fast can you get the job done and do you charge extra for such favours?

Haste makes waste. We don’t hurry the process since such a procedure would only lead to a lowering of quality. Nobody would want that now. Would they?

Q.14 Will you consider a return and if so then on what condition?

No, we are professionals, and so that is simply out of the question.

Q.15 Are you willing to incur a penalty in case you don’t deliver the goods on time?

Yes, in case of a long-enough delay, we do make compensations, but such an occurrence is infrequent if at all.

Q.16 How do you keep your quality standards high enough?

By being answerable to each other. This is so down to the last person in our organization.

Q.17 Are there any testimonials as to your honesty and quality?

They are framed in wood and glass and line the walls of our main office. You can drop by to check upon them. You won’t be disappointed.

Q.18 What is your history, and where do you stand today?

We have a solid reputation, and we are at our pinnacle at present.

Q.19 What if any advice do you have for my business?

If you share some of the details of it with us, we might be able to advise you on a one-on-one basis.

Q.20 What is your work philosophy, and what are your core values?

For that, once again, you will have to visit our main office where it is frankly stated in the picture frames hung on the walls of the waiting room.

Q.21 Do I have a say in the delivery process, or am I just a silent witness?

Of course, you are our valued clientele, and we actively seek feedback from you at every step of the process.

Q.22 Do you encounter any hitches and if so, what are they?

There are many, but they are not a source of worry since we handle them with an iota of doubt.

Q.23 Are you truly professional in your approach and if so, what is the proof of that which you may have right now?

Why the testimonials and credentials all point to such a conclusion, if you still have any doubts, we will arrange for the proofs

Q.24 Are there additional costs for other services which are not listed in your repertoire?

No, all we are is listed on the menu. There are no furtive activities we engage in offline or in another venue.

Q.25 What form do you take money in cold hard cash or a smart credit card?

It depends. If you want to, you can give the fees in cash or via credit card. The choice is yours alone.

Q.26 Do you offer any insurance on the goods?

Yes, but in case of a devastating natural disaster, we are not responsible for the damage.

Q.27 To what extent is your reach on a global level?

Well, it reaches almost all four corners of the global village.

Q.28 Can you help me with any problems with customs that I may have?

We arrange for customs clearance, and unless you have any illegal item on board, you don’t need to worry about customs.

Q.29 What can I expect from you as a logistics company worthy of its name?

Everything we are known for. You will feel the difference once you select us as the purveyor of your goods.

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